Jacqulin is a true powerhouse! She is a skilled, professional Performance coach and Mental trainer.

For over 20 years she has worked with business-performance and mindset in the areas of personal power, strategy and sales.

As your coach, she will:

help you to change your story.
offer you a different perspective.
investigate where you feel limited, drained and stuck
guide you to see and use your trueborn driving forces.
push the buttons that give you flow, excitement and joy…

… so you can go out, conquer the world and be OUTSTANDING 

Because “When you FEEL Outstanding you can DO Outstanding!”

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My ‘real’ life started in the fall of 2018. 

My parents had just moved into a nursing home. My father is very sick from cancer and my mother is suffering from dementia. 

In the beginning of December that year, my father died and only 10 days later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. No need to say, my brother and I had quite an unusual Christmas that year.

My breast cancer treatment started in early January 2019. And through 8 rough months I received 6 month of chemotherapy followed by surgery and lastly radiation treatment. At last I finished my cancer treatment and was diagnosed cancer free on the 20th of August 2019.


During these 8 month of treatment I decided to go all in on living my ‘real’ life and finally start taking myself seriously. I investigated and reflected on my passions, my talents and what I truly love to do. Like what excites me? What are my passions and my dreams? What am I naturally good at? What energizes me? What do I want the rest of my life to be like? How do I make the greatest impact on myself and the world?

Often when we have these life-changing questions they seem difficult, even though the answers are right in front of us. And the right answers tend to only reveal themselves once we are truly ready to discover them. So through that 8 month of treatment I finally got ready to start my journey into whatever dreams I could imagine.

I made the most important decision of my life. I decided to forever stop holding back, to step into my light and rightfully take my seat in the world.

My passion and my path got clear to me. I wanted to be a full time performance coach helping people to be outstanding through embracing their true Power. Unconsciously I had always known that this was my true destiny, but never had the insight and the courage to follow through before.

On the 20th of August 2019, the last day of treatment, I gave myself a new start in life. And while recovering from my cancer treatment,

rebuilding and re-energizing myself, I got into an ambitious and intense coaching program.

In this program I learned who I really was deep down. I started to step into my real authentic character, to speak up and dared to show the real me to the world. I got confident in my ability and true talent for helping and coaching people. I learned to trust and exploit the strengths that I naturally possess, my superpowers. And I learned that when I am able to show vulnerability, I am even more strong and powerful. I learned that I have true integrity as a role model, one that people will follow.

And the rest is history…

Since that day I have created the life of my dreams. A year ago I moved to a luxurious apartment in Copenhagen, situated right by the sea-front. Before I even started my coaching business, clients came to me asking for help. So without advertising, social media posts or anything like that, I got my first clients. What a clue and a great proof of me being on the right track!

In the spring of 2021 I started my coaching business for real, getting high paying clients and running my first group coaching program. And still without spending one dollar on advertising, without being a world-renowned coach, doing less than 10 social media posts, I made more than $55K in the first 40 days. I worked less than 10 hours a week while enjoying myself, having fun and only doing what I LOVE to do.

Now this is what I want to pass on to you. When you embrace your true Power, you can do exactly the same!


She is mentally strong and quick to cut through limiting beliefs and BS. She challenges you to shift your mindset to your most powerful beliefs so you can live your full potential.

She is very empathetic and still able to leave emotions by the door. Thereby being able to neutrally guide you to find your own inner truth. 

She has extremely strong intuition and truly owns the power of presence. Always able to coach you to go beyond your greatest obstacles in the fastest way possible, leading you to your next important step on your way to your greatness.

Jacqulin only works with the most driven and passionate people who strive to rise above normal and be world class leaders in their field. People who really want to excel and bring massive value to the world.

Only a limited number of entrepreneurs a year are offered this opportunity. When interested, you can apply for a personal 20-minut call directly with Jacqulin.

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